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Everything Music – Rick Beato

Richard John Beato is an American YouTube personality, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer and educator. Since the early 1980s, he has worked variously as a musician, songwriter, audio engineer, and record producer, and has lectured on music at several universities.

Signals Music Studio

Helping people write more music! Lessons and videos on music theory, scales, modes, chords, songwriting techniques, and song analysis with a focus on guitar.


My name is Archy J, i play the Bagpipes, im from India. Awarded by the President of India as “India’s First Professional Female Bagpiper”. I am a self taught musician and hence do not play by any rules 😉 Everything you did not know or see a Bagpipe could do, is here on my channel. […]


HalidonMusic is the official YouTube channel of Italian record label Halidon. Our music catalogue ranges from classical and instrumental to jazz, pop and world music. We’re always looking for new music to release and new artists to work with.

Allie Sherlock – Musician

Allie Sherlock is an Irish singer/musician and Youtube personality. She is know for her performances on the streets of Dublin and Cork in Ireland, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, signing a production deal with OneRepublic’s front man Ryan Tedder and mostly for her incredible voice and personality.

Karolina Protsenko Violin

Karolina Protsenko is 13-year-old violinist. She is a phenomenal violin prodigy. Karolina plays violin with passion and her smile is contagious. Her music will make you feel better from the very first chord.

Southern Raised

Hey y’all, Lindsay, Emily, Matt and Alex here, welcome to our page! We are a family band from the Ozark Mountains. check out the links below to our website, social media, and streaming platforms!

Andrew Rooney Drums

“My number 1 aim for you is to have fun and fall in love with the drums.” I graduated with a Jazz Degree from Auckland University in 2009 and teach/play drums for a living. I am a lifelong student of drumming.