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Fluctus is a  channel dedicated to sea geeks. Whenever you are curious or an incorrigible lover of this mysterious world, our videos are made for you !


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Military Versus

Military Channel Military Comparison channel and Country Army Power Channel. Military Versus, provides a unique excellent video of data concerning today’s world military powers. Over 50 world military powers are considered in the ranking which allows for a broad opportunity of comparisons to be achieved concerning relative military strengths. We offer you weapons of the […]

Military Weapons

Military Weapons present to your attention a channel where you can view all kind of weapons and military equipment – WEAPONS, TANKS, AIR FORCE, ARTILLERY, MILITARY HELICOPTERS, SUBMARINES and many more. . .

Military Archive

The Military Archive is an independent, educational and documentary military channel devoted to armed forces and military technologies. We like the Military! All content on the channel is STRICTLY for informational, documentary and historical purposes!

US Military News

The US Military News is an Independent, Educational and Documentary Military Channel devoted to armed forces and military technologies. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information DOES NOT imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

US Military Power

The US Military Power is an independent channel and not associated to every military organizations around the world. This channel is for education and technology information only.