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This is a place where I post REAL TIME, AT HOME workouts. My goal is to help inspire everyone at all fitness levels to get up, get moving and reach their goals!


WE INSPIRE PEOPLE TO MOVE “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing”. A happy life is characterized by a perfect balance in all human areas.A key factor here is adequate physical activity. We, the team of THE GYM BEATS, have put this aspect in the focus of our efforts in recent years. […]

Zumba Class

Welcome to the Zumba Class channel! I love aerobics, zumba and fitness dance. I will be updating the latest videos on aerobic, zumba, fitness dance at this youtube channel. Wishing people to watch the  channel to practice every day, will have a beautiful body, healthy …

Caroline Jordan – Fitness Coach

Hello! Im Caroline Jordan, a Certified Health and Fitness Coach here to help you heal, grow, and kick butt in life. If you are looking for more energy, less stress, and a healthier mindset, you have come to the right place. I specialize in helping people find safe, effective ways to exercise. I am here to teach you […]