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Alternative Dwellings – Documentary Series

Updated Weekly with another alternative dwelling and lifestyle mini documentary and tour video. It might be about Vanlife, Tiny houses, Sail boats, liveaboards, a converted school bus, an off grid permaculture farm, but whatever it is about I guarantee it will be interesting!


Hey, I’m Cris and my channel is all about inspiring you to build stuff with your own hands! Let’s get our hands dirty?

Epic UpCycling

Hi, I’m Jason, and my channel is all about making things out of junk. Most of the materials I use in my videos were discarded, or thrown away, destined for landfill, or the bonfire. These videos are not meant as tutorials, they are just to show the way I do things. I hope they will […]

Exploring Alternatives

Welcome to the Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel! We’re documenting the many ways that people are experimenting with alternative homes and lifestyles in their own creative, and inspiring ways. We cover a lot of topics from living off-grid to micro-apartments in the city, from homesteading to self-built tiny houses, sustainable living, and everything in between. We […]

Woodworking Guide

From building chairs to cabinets, woodworking spans a limitless number of projects and thousands of years of craft. There is much to learn and explore—different types of woods, appropriate techniques for working with them, and infinite designs. Here we will cover the basics and tell you exactly how to start woodworking.

Primitive Technology

Primitive technology is a hobby where you build things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials. These are the strict rules: If you want a fire, use a fire stick – An axe, pick up a stone and shape it – A hut, build one from trees, mud, rocks etc. […]


Hey, I’m Cris and my channel is all about inspiring you to build stuff with your own hands! Let’s get our hands dirty? Plans for the projects can be purchased from Cris website.

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives, we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt-free, off-grid […]

Good Simple Living

We are a couple building our home in North Idaho from the ground up while homesteading, and homeschooling our 4 kids. We completed a tiny home inside our barn to live in while we build our dream home ourselves. We are living and building debt free, and striving to live a more sustainable life. We […]

DIY Perks

I’m Matt, and here on DIY Perks you’ll find plenty of interesting projects on a variety of topics!