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Legend Photographers

Welcome to Legend Photographers ! This channel is a celebration of the incredible beauty and diversity of the world, as captured through the lenses of talented photographers from around the globe. We showcase a wide range of stunning images, all of which are credited to their respective owners. From sweeping landscapes and majestic wildlife to […]

Samuel Earp Artist

Hey!!! Thank you for stopping by my YouTube channel, my name is Samuel Earp, and I am traditional realism artist. I love painting landscapes, especially water and the sea, which I enjoy painting most of all. I also love to paint outdoors on location (en plein air). This channel is to help you with your […]

Drawing & Painting with Paint Basket

We are all about helping you to improve your art. Here you will find art classes in oil, watercolor, acrylic and pastel painting as well as classes in pencil drawing and pen and ink drawing. New videos are loaded every week. Some are speed painting (time lapse) lessons, but if you really want to make […]

The Photographic Eye

Welcome to The Photographic Eye. A channel dedicated to helping you discover more about the art and history of photography, so you can become a better photographer.


Perspective is the ultimate arts channel. We’ve got music, theatre, opera, paintings and much more. Subscribe and hit the bell notification for the ultimate cultural experience!